Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services:

Risk Assessment is a method of evaluation that is used to find and document risk factors that a company could be exposed to. It helps evaluate where a risk exists and identify where such a risk can be exploited.  A good risk assesment service will always ensure that a solution is found for these risks. A completed security risk assesment from Conor Inc will provide a documented solution/plan outlining these risks. Such a document will give management the tools it needs to make an informed decision as to the risk/reward of acting on it.  We rely on multiple vendors to provide a comprehensive solution.

Our Risk Management Services takes on a three step approach,


This is the initial stage of the Risk Management process. Planning helps all parties understand what is at stake and how to proceed.

Identification of risk:

After identifying a risk, Conor Inc will help identify the stakeholder(s) of that risk.

Analysis and solution:

A well documented analysis of the risk and several solutions to help understand and defeat the risk.