Business Continuity Planning

    Business Continuity planning¬† is a plan that is designed to identify a particular organization’s exposure to threats. A threat could be a natural disaster, man made events such as fires, or theft of proprietary information.

    After a threat it is important to ensure that your business continues performing, even if for just the interim. The plan, commonly referred to as the BCP, provides an effective prevention and recovery plan that can be followed in the case a threat materializes. The ‘plan’ is designed to maintain competitive advantage and provide seamless business continuity in the event something happened.

    The BCP process involves,

    • Creating a business impact and risk analysis
    • Creating a disaster risk recovery plan.
    • Implementation of the plan.
    • disaster recovery training and acceptance.
    • Maintenance: Audit and updates. It is important to revisit the plan every once in a while to ensure that your business continuity plans are up to date.