About Us

Conor Inc is an IT security firm. We work with governments, cities, corporate and private sector clients on security assessments, security, risk management services and forensic services relating to information security.  We also offer solutions from many of our partners that can help with fraud detection, security breach investigation and assist with business continuity planning in the event such a breach was to occur. We are tasked with trying to find vulnerabilities where they exist and help counter them with solutions and advice that works.  We work with multiple solutions across industries to ensure that your data is safe and not viable to attack.

We advise and assist clients on website security in implementing encryption of sensitive information at all stages of the information life-cycle within the organization and use up to date methods to keep it safe from hackers.  Strong encryption ensures that only trusted and authorized parties are able to access the information. We have worked many commercial and open source solutions to ensure that we are up to date with current threats. A secure environment is only as secure as the quality of information it allows in and out of it.

We advise and train PC users on vulnerabilities and best practice methods. We help increase the level of awareness throughout the organization, which in turn helps us decrease the likely hood that poor passwords or poor handling of sensitive data by your users results in a breach. We also provide information security design and implementation, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing security breach investigation.  We hope we can help your company.